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Same day 6 years ago...

Feb. 25th, 2011 | 11:17 pm
How are feeling mate ?: flirty flirty
Playing over and over again: : Duy Khoa_Suy nghĩ trong anh

you held my hands and  told me"i love you" for the very first time.

My life has never been the same again, ever since.

And i love it that way <3 <3 <3

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In case i forget, please remind me...

Mar. 1st, 2010 | 12:14 pm
Here I am ...: Café La Fenêtre Soleil
Playing over and over again: : XTina_The voice within


Life is a bitch, but it has puppies too...



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Sep. 18th, 2009 | 10:38 am
Here I am ...: my house
How are feeling mate ?: crazy crazy
Playing over and over again: : F(x)_Lachata


Recently I cant stop mumbling “epu eksu lachata” and “just move it to the beat it aint dat hard…..” while watching F(x) performing.

Ok.. first of all, F(x) is not a function. It’s a SM new girlband. They’ve just debuted at the beginning of September 2009, September 5th to be exact.

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Humh..wot else….about F(x) memberz’ profilez or their MV or their interview or stuffz like that, you can easily find them by googling.

And wot else? I <3 Amber, everything about Amber. I <3 Amber’s eyes, look (god, Amb’s wink kills me T___T), voice, personality, awkward sexy choreography and much much more about Amber. I don’t wanna use “she” or “her” for Amber. It’s just….. inappropriate, sly :| Just that.

This is their first debut @ Music Core on Sep 5th.

Owh, Amber, I love your outfit 2d much more than the previous ones. That brown ones didn’t fit you, at all. And when Amber doffed the cap, I can recall my wail the 1st time I watched that perf :”>

Their debut @ Music Bank on Sep 11th





Gosh, I love the outfits of them all. <3 <3 <3 and this was Amber’s sexiest perf ever *3* AMMBERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!~


>> somebody help me! i got shot!!! >"<

And some days after, F(x) got an interview @ Sukira Radio. I worship your style, Amber-unpa ahhhhhhh. The secret about Amber’s personality which was revealed by Krystal was soooooooooooo invaluable xDD



Peaking girls changing clothes through your fingers? AMBER!!!! xDDD, and that houseworking is way too….feminine? :D Oh gosh, Amber~ after all you’re still a.................................................................Virgo :* :x

AmbKrys ranks #2 among my fav couplez now. So adorable <3 <3 <3


>> 1st time Amber held Krys's hand



>> @ Sukira radio

>> way to gallant, neh? :)


...why are you so uke-ish, AMBERRR!! T____T

>> dont they look way so cute 2gether? <3


>> AmbKrys latest photoshoot for Vogue


I also like AmbToria or JessAmbKrys (Jessica @SNSD is Krystal’s ss), that’d be full of drama >:) >:) >:) like this Photobucket



I’m just wondering how long my passion towards Amber would last, cuz you know what ppl always say “easy come, easy go”.

Owh.....ke, put it aside. Since today's Amber's bd. here go some bonus picturez of that Pumpkin Mushroom


>> i really wanna bite those lips >:)
>> Amber's.....kungfu? xDD
>> shining brighter than ani.....mushroom :))
(copyrite @ Tiffany SNSD)
>> ani1 believe this one is a girl? ;;)
>> this look could kill

Now come the hot ones>:)

:| :| :|
AMBERRRR!!!!!! T_________T
WAY TOO SEXYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! look at A's butt :DD~
>> erh...~ flat-chested huh? :">

And now is Amber the player >:) >:) >:)



And last but not least, AmbKrys momentzzz
Photobucket Photobucket


>> you wonder why Krys hit Amber? watch their Mucsic Bank perform :). or this : Photobucket

got it already? bcuz Amber held Victoria's hand, that's why :)

>> just like YulSic. whats to say huh? like older sister, like younger sister? xDD~

>> AmbKrys were holding hands but later, Amber let go so fast :(

seems like Krys wanted and tried to hold Amber's hand but Amber.... *sighs*

Okkk~~~~ enough drama for today.
Happy birthday Amber

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the end of August

Aug. 31st, 2009 | 12:58 pm
How are feeling mate ?: calm calm
Playing over and over again: : Robbey_i dont care (Boys' ver)

It's true that all good things must come to an end.
August is no exception.
They don't call it Fall for nothing.

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JeNy fangirling

Jul. 28th, 2009 | 11:56 am
Here I am ...: my house
How are feeling mate ?: cheerful cheerful
Playing over and over again: : Haru Haru-Big Bang

I was never a JeNy fan cuz TaeNy is way too adorabe to me <3 <3 <3

til i saw this pic

dont they look cute 2gether? ^^;;
Tiffany is too boyish and cute at the same time in that suit *heart* *heart*
Well, i wish Yuri was wearing one too since SNSD fans usually consider her as "Yuri-oppa" xDD

that pic was cap from a show called "I don't know yet what love is" . You can watch it here:

woah woah "Casanova" Taeyeon looked so child-like and Yuri-oppa  was too girly *o*

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Old songs

Jul. 22nd, 2009 | 11:59 am
Here I am ...: on the armchair
How are feeling mate ?: calm calm
Playing over and over again: : 2PM-Again and again

When i was surfing around the Internet, i ran into an entry on the website of a famous blogger, Robbey. I am sooo in love with this entry  <3

Một lí do nữa làm mình thích entry này là..............trời ơi, cuối cùng thì mình đã biết ai là người đã hát bài "Cô gái đến từ hôm qua" làm mình cảm động đến vậy. Down bài này từ ba chục năm trước rồi, bỏ xó hok nghe rồi 1 ngày bật máy để random, nghe 1 cái là chết ngay tại chỗ luôn. Piano đỉnh. Cách phát âm, cách nhả chữ và cả cách hát của anh ấy sao mà tình cảm đến thế. ;___;

Ca từ đẹp, buồn man mác mà không bi lụy. Một ca khúc đẹp. <3 <3 <3

Mỹ Tâm-Cô gái đến từ hôm qua
Đăng Minh-Cô gái đến từ hôm qua  
Thu Phương-Cô gái đến từ hôm qua

Nghe bài này rồi tự nhiên nhớ đến "Tuổi hồng thơ ngây". Lại chạy vòng quanh Net kiếm. Với mình, không ai hát bài này qua được Thủy Tiên cả. Có lẽ thế thật, mà cũng có thể vì bài đó nghe Thủy Tiên hát đầu tiên, nghe quen giọng chị ấy rồi nên những người hát sau đó, mình không tài nào nghe được quá 20 giây cả.  Nhưng.....thật sự là không ai hát bài đó qua Thủy Tiên được ma`aaaaaaaaaaaaa. Cứ nghe thử chị ấy hát đi sẽ thấy.

Thủy Tiên- Tuổi hồng thơ ngây

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Rainy day

Jul. 21st, 2009 | 02:28 pm
Here I am ...: in front of the PC
How are feeling mate ?: cold cold
Playing over and over again: : Amber Kuo-Another full moon

One day, a little penguin comes to her grandma and asks :
-Grandma grandma, am I really a penguin?
-Of course, of course, you are, dear.

The little penguin is not satisfied w the answer  so she comes to her papa:
-Papa papa, am I really a penguin?
-Of course of course you are, sweetie.

Then the little penguin comes to her mama:
-Mama mama, am I really a penguin?
-Of course, of course you are, honey........But why do you keep asking the same question neh?
-If I am really a penguin................then, why am I feeling so cold?

Imagine that i am that penguin, asking the same question and feeling the same way...........

Thôi chèm nhẹp vậy đủ rồi.

It has been raining dog-and-cat outside for almost 3 hour. 3hour??? Chiều nay thế nào cũng ngập nữa cho xem.

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Aug. 25th, 2006 | 08:15 pm
How are feeling mate ?: sleepy sleepy

Hehehee... cuoi cung cung da len duoc mang tro lai .Amem!!^__^ Lay chua cho con cai bua :D.Dang ly la tinh 0h ngay 25 len day viet nhung muh cai mang chit tiet lai khong cho minh len den chieu hom nay moi len lai dc, -_______- ma thui ke le dai dong we vao van de chinh day , Ahem!
     Hom nay la ngay gi the nhi ? *ngay tho* ^__^ , A! nho rui , ngay ra tap chi The Gioi Games :P, dua thui , ai cha biet hom nay la ngay ma cach day 16 nam co 1 angel de "xuong " da lot, i lon, da giang the xuong earth voi cai ten rat u la dang iu "K" nhi ^________^ . Ua , ma bi gio noi gi tiep nhi, thui chuc you co nhung giac mo an lanh ^___^ *ngap*  di ngu day ^___^ bibi.
PS: cai avatar ni nhin giong be K nhat ^___________^

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Happy Bday ^0^

Aug. 25th, 2006 | 01:27 am
Here I am ...: Au
How are feeling mate ?: cheerful cheerful
Playing over and over again: : Happy Birthday


Chuc mung sinh nhat co.

16 roi nhe, toi tuoi yeu duong, mo mong roi day. Dung cui dau vao hoc qua, lam the thi moi thu vo vi lam (giong nhu ta day ne  *buon* )

Hom nay K phai di hoc phai khong ne ? Di hoc vui ve nha. Hoc som ve som nha.

Toi ...

Chuc mung sinh nhat  ^__^


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Aug. 24th, 2006 | 01:26 am
Here I am ...: Au
How are feeling mate ?: chipper chipper
Playing over and over again: : Do you know what you want - M2M - cu rich '__'

Love ah, met qua  +____+

Gio nay ma chua ngu, the nao sang nay cung bi la cho ma xem  TT-TT  Thui ke, hy sinh ma, love nhi  *grin*

Ai da da, chang biet noi gi bay gio ngoai tru buon ngu qua  ^^;;  Roi roi, hiu ma. Lai bao di ngu cho xem.

Khue ah, ghet co kinh khung. That day. Ghet mi den chet mat thoi. Co gi ma mi cu bam the ta miet the nay, lam sao ma ta song sot cho noi chu ? Sao ta qua day roi ma khong the cho ta chu, lai cu ...  Gian day nha'

That la, nguoi gi lam nguoi ta cu dien tiet len duoc. Cai gi ay ay, de gian lam day. A khong, kho gian nhung ma gian len la "Duong toi di la duong ben phai, duong mi di la duong ben trai. O ben do cho toi". Khoi hoa hi ? Hi` hi`. Cai khoang nay cung khong biet vi chua bi gian. Chinh xac thi hinh nhu da bi roi ma. 1 tran Khue nhi ? 3 thang lan day...

3 thang do.

3 thang khong co mi ban nay van tho khoe manh binh thuong day. Doi luc bi "day vo" vi nhung thu vo van nhung co ban thi ban nay van song. Nay, tai sao bay gio, da hon 3 thang do roi, cung khong ai gian ai ca, ma ban nay cam thay khong song duoc nua.

Hi`. Tu nhien moi thu mat het y nghia Khue ah.

Roi, lai chuan bi vao 1 tam trang uy mi nao do nua roi. Dien that  *cuoi ngu*

Anywayz, doan xem hom nay la ngay may roi ? 24 day. 24 thang 8 day. Con 2 ngay nua day.

Rat muon goi 1 cu dien thoai luc 12h vao cai ngay-ma-ai-cung-biet-la-ngay-nao-day, nhung ma con qua som + goi co nguy co 99.9% la nghe chui, ban Khue thi phai im phang phac moi ngu duoc ma, phai khong ?  ^__^

*cuoi*  Co gi mai 8 tiep, bay gio di ngu.

PS : Cai layout, xin loi hi  ^^;;  Het suc roi. Sap noi dien len day  *cuoi ngu*

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